Senior Electrical Maintenance Specialist

Senior Electrical Maintenance Specialist

Job Description
Assist in the development and quality of all electrical maintenance procedures, identify improvements and new procedures, and verify that procedures conform to Nawah standards and are controlled. Provide troubleshooting and technical support to the plants.

1. Maintenance Program Delivery

Perform job tasks in a timely manner and with quality to achieve the highest level of safety and reliability.
Assist in preparing for and collaborate with Quality Assurance (QA), Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) audit and World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO), and International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) peer reviews to ensure a successful result.
Oversee electrical maintenance activities performed by contractors, when necessary, to ensure compliance with procedures and quality work products.
Assist in keeping electrical maintenance work instructions and model work orders to serve as templates for the plants.
Support efforts to implement relevant Operations Management System (OMS) modules related to Maintenance Programs to improve implementation success
2. Program and Procedure Maintenance

Develop and review maintenance procedures to ensure reliable and safe plant operations.
Execute technical review of maintenance process and procedure changes to ensure alignment with Operations, Work Management, Plant Engineering, Outage Management and to regulatory and industry best practices.
Provide second level troubleshooting support for the plant to ensure issues are resolved in a timely manner.
Conduct maintenance program execution support as assigned to ensure plant operational readiness.
Assess and conduct system-wide maintenance improvement activities to ensure optimal plant performance.
Provide analysis and support to the Maintenance CFAM (Central Functional Area Manager) within the Central Governance organization to ensure organizational excellence.
Implement designed Operating Experience, training, observation findings into procedures to improve their usefulness.
Populate the PM Program data to provide a basis for development and assessment of the program.
Prepare the Operations Management System (OMS) data and provide to the line manager to ensure data accuracy.
3. Electrical Maintenance

Execute troubleshooting process on the Electrical systems and equipment to ensure operational readiness.
Provide input in developing maintenance strategy and skills to increase the effective maintenance work.
Participate in technical review of operating license documents to ensure safe plant operation.
Participate in the technical review of service contract documents and manage the contractor to ensure best maintenance practices.
Provide support to Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) coordinator to ensure plant safety and operability.
Support in the production of high standard self-assessments to comply with Nawah policy.
4. Outage and Emergency Response Organization (ERO) Support

Support outage and/or the emergency response organization, as assigned, to ensure safe, reliable and continued operations; this may require shift work/off hours support.

5. Health and Safety and Security

Follow all relevant company’s Health and Safety policies, processes, procedures and instructions to ensure compliance in all aspects of work as per sound management practices. Apply these policies and procedures to self and others to ensure reasonable care of the health and safety of the employee; the environment; and various individuals who may be affected by the employee’s acts or omissions at work.
Follow all relevant Security policies, processes, procedures and instructions to ensure security compliance in all aspects of work, by applying them on self, others and Corporate assets.
Ensure compliance with corporate requirements for adherence to policies, procedures and instructions related to Crisis Management and Business Continuity in order to continue mission critical activities.
6. People Management

Contribute to the development of UAE National employees in a manner which supports the objectives of the corporation and its Emiratization strategy.
Contribute to knowledge dissemination/sharing in a way that assists with building internal capabilities of UAE Nationals where applicable and maximize their effective performance.
7. Excellence and Quality Management

Ensure commitment to a culture of continuous improvement by eliminating waste, following operations procedures, practicing innovation, problem solving, and teamwork; complying with Quality Management System policies and procedures; providing and receiving constructive feedback, and striving to meet quality standards and stakeholder expectations.
Ensure Commitment to the Nawah Fundamentals.
Electrical Protection Relay Specialist

Good understanding of power system theory, short circuit studies and setting calculations.
Develop maintenance procedures for testing of varies types of protection systems, relays and functions.
Knowledgeable on the principles of operation on different protection relays.
Knowledge on relay protection schemes in power plants, associated with transformers, bus bar and distribution systems.
Experience required on testing and calibrating, electro-static and numerical multifunction relays, with such functions as:
Differential protection
Restricted ground fault protection
Impedance protection
Loss of excitation
Negative sequence protection
Pole slip, loss of synchronism
Over and Under frequency functions
Under and Over voltage protection
Directional overcurrent
Ground fault protection
Motor protection
Testing of numerical relay protection on diesel generators.
Familiar with programmable voltage and current relay injection test units, capable of hardware setup and programming test sequences.
Commissioning experience on transformer and generation protection, such as differential stability tests, restricted ground fault operation and stability testing.
Experience with short circuit test on generators, to prove protection stability and operation.
Testing of CT and PT equipment
Insulation tests
Polarity tests
Excitation curves
Ratio tests
Primary injection of CT circuits
Knowledge of phasing and synchronizing principles, testing of synchronizing relays, sync check relays, experience on synchronizing of generators.
Previous experience with phasing of potential transformer (PT) circuits.
Ability to read and understand electrical plant schematics and various manufacturer electrical drawings.
Trouble shooting skills, analytical ability to evaluate electrical fault recordings as part of fault investigations and root cause analysis.
Should have technical report writing skills.
• Bachelor of Science Degree or equivalent.
• 5 years of relevant experience.


10 years of relevant experience, out of which:
5 years of Nuclear Power Plant experience.

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