KSA shutdown jobs

Urgent requirements..jubail turn around shutdown.

Mechanical Engineers 10 nos
Equipment Engineers 10 nos
Instrument Engineers 10 nos
Electrical Engineers 10 nos

Civil inspector 10 nos
Rotating and static insp 20 no’s
Equipment Inspector 20 no’s
Inst. Inspectors 20 no’s
Welding inspectors 20 no’s
Elec. Inspectors 20 no’s
Painting Inspectors 10 nos
Mechanical Rotating Supervisors 20 no’s
Mechanical Supervisors 30 no’s
Mechanical Equipment Supervisors 30 no’s
Instrument Supervisors 20 no’s
Electrical Supervisors 20 no’s
Electrical Technician 80 no’s
Instrument technician 80 no’s
Mech. Rotating static technician 50 no’s
Analyzer 20 no’s
Pt technician 20 no’s
Grp 15 no’s
Machinist 15 no’s
Rigger Level I Tuv 10 nos

If anybody please send Cvs to business@sanarabia.com.

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